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We welcome the hottest GAC model every produced, the all new GS3 Emzoom with a design styling that will keep everyone around your staring in awe. I got the chance to be one of the very first in Lebanon to experience it and let’s just say this is superior quality.
For reference, GAC is currently market leader in China and is responsible for the production of one of the largest brands. I like

Estelle Vo

Design Director at EJ Solutions, she has been leading several award-winning branding projects including Strn.

Inaaya Lloyd

Senior Product Designer at Vaxx, Inaaya is responsible for transforming UX across the company’s products.

Ethan Savette

Product Designer at Idea, Ethan’s work has been featured as pioneer in CX as best practice.

Ray Cordova

UX Manager at Clockwork. He formerly pioneered the Design System at Blue Sun, and led the Moonlight at Wonders and Co.


Design Director